Play to your strengths!

Play to your strengths! Did you know that “People who use their strengths every day are six times more likely to be engaged on the job” according to Gallup research.  Therefore I believe we should focus on playing towards our strengths versus trying to fix our weaknesses.  But conventional wisdom tells us we should work […]

The 3-legged Stool of Business Success

The three legs of a stable stool of business success are: Strategy Customer satisfaction Employee engagement Just as the legs of a stool are most stable and dependable when they are of equal length, these three elements are of equal importance for sustained success and stability in business. Let’s unpack each of these three legs. Strategy […]

HR Sphere membership?

Why be an HR Sphere™ member? HR Executives have unbelievable challenges. There are so many questions… How can we be an employer of choice in this tight job market? What can I do about ghosting? What HR tech is right for us? How do we ensure that we have a great culture as we grow? […]

Culture by Design or Default

Every organization has a culture either by design and intentional leadership or by default. Evaluating your existing culture is valuable but keep in mind that assessing something doesn’t in and of itself change anything. If you have a culture that does not serve the outcomes that your business wants you already know that you have a […]