Henry David Thoreau said most people “lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with their song still in them.”  Strong People System’s mission is to help people unlock their full potential and sing the song they were created to sing!

We believe:

    • Everyone can be a leader because leadership is not limited to a position of authority or rank.
    • Everyone should play to their strengths because people aligned with jobs according to their strengths produce significantly greater results.
    • Inspirational Leadership is the purest form of leadership.  Everyone can be an inspirational leader by leading themselves well and setting a great example that inspires others to follow.

We specialize in:

    • Pre-hire Talent Screening – aligning people and jobs according to their strengths.
    • Emotional Quotient(EQ) Development – raising the level of awareness, understanding, and acceptance of self and others which is the foundation for communication, team building and leadership.
    • Leadership Development – equipping people to be inspirational leaders by gaining clarity on who they are and where they are going. Along with removing self-limiting fears, doubts and beliefs that get in their way.


Our clients experience:

    • High performance teams
    • Greater employee engagement
    • Higher employee retention
    • A healthier culture
    • Greater productivity