What We Do


Executive Coaching
  • Live Your Legacy
Strategic Planning Facilitation
  • Results-driven outcomes for business and non-profits

Programs for Organizations:

LEAP– Leaders Equipped to Actualize Potential™
  • This virtual workshop series is 90-minutes per session, reinforced with one-on-one telephone-based coaching. LEAP creates effective leaders and high-performance teams. Available in 7 to 11 sessions based on your unique organizational needs, you can also have your workshop sessions at your location.
  • The LEAP program equips leaders to take teams to the next level
  • Upon completion of the LEAP program, you will be empowered to lead yourself well as a high-performance contributor no matter what role you play on your team
  • Discover how to leverage your existing resources to maximize performance and outcomes
  • LEAP enables you to identify and remove barriers that keep you stuck at your current level
  • All participants take a giant leap forward; creating outcomes that provide significance as well as success, time in addition to money, and the energy to enjoy the journey!
LEAP removes the mental barriers (fears, worries, doubts, and self-limiting beliefs) that stand between you and the realization of your full potential.  LEAP provides you with a model for diagnosing why you are not getting your desired outcomes and helps you discover your innate strengths so that you can play from a position of power.  This is not just another training program that focuses on the training of extrinsic skills and knowledge.  LEAP is a development program that focuses on the intrinsic elements that either hold you back or enable you to actualize your full potential. Results:
  • Establish a clear vision of your desired outcomes
  • Learn in a format that you will remember and use
  • Gain a clear understanding and acceptance of your innate strengths and purpose so that you will function from a place of authenticity and strength, which is your place of greatest potential
  • Identify the areas where you are stuck (working harder and not seeing a significant result) and remove the barriers to realizing your full potential
  • Take courageous actions to maximize your potential with confidence
  • Discover more time, gain empowerment and significance, and energy to enjoy the journey!
Strengths-Based Selection™
  • Strengths-Based Selection is a suite of pre-employment screening assessment tools that bring objective data to the very subjective hiring process
  • Match people to jobs according to their strengths
  • Drive-up employee performance and drive down employee turnover
We help clients avoid bad hires, by avoiding the job applicants who have poor ethical or entitlement attitudes.  Then employ strengths-based job matching, where we define the strengths required in a specific job, measure the strengths of the applicants, and compare the two to identify a good job match. Results:
  • More objective, consistent and successful hiring selection decisions
  • Increased employee engagement and performance
  • Reduced cost as a result of reduced employee turnover
  • Increased employee success and job satisfaction

Exclusively for HR Executives:

HR Sphere™ – an HR executive peer-to-peer advisory cohort

  • Monthly 2-hour meeting
  • Up to 15 HR executive members, Director level or above from non-competitive companies
  • Each month 2 members present a challenge, idea or opportunity followed by a professionally facilitated discussion to get advice, suggestions, ideas and best practices back from the cohort
  • Presenting members commit to take one action step and be accountable to the group by the next meeting

HR Sphere™ provides a safe place to ask for recommendations from HR peers.  Members have access to a sounding board for new HR ideas.  This is a place where HR Executives can tap into the collective experience and wisdom of peers.  Each group is ready to help you brainstorm solutions to your greatest challenges and gives you an opportunity to discuss real-world application of HR best practices with other senior HR executives.


  • Better advice
  • Access to collective experience and wisdom
  • Greater insights
  • Professional and leadership development
  • Stronger and deeper professional network
  • Better decisions
  • Greater success

Contact us for details on programs tailored to your specific needs.