Why be an HR Sphere™ member? HR Executives have unbelievable challenges. There are so many questions…

  • How can we be an employer of choice in this tight job market?
  • What can I do about ghosting?
  • What HR tech is right for us?
  • How do we ensure that we have a great culture as we grow?
  • How do I address generational issues?
  • How can I get our managers excited to do effective onboarding?
  • What can we do to retain our people?
  • How do I best utilize our analytics information?
The list goes on…and on. That’s why we created HR Sphere™. HR Sphere™ is a peer-to-peer advisory cohort exclusively for HR Executives. An HR Sphere™ is a safe zone where you can collaborate, brainstorm, and identify solutions to your top challenges with other HR leaders who are dealing with the same things.