Who We Are

Brent Hultman


Strategic planning and other facilitation projects, executive coaching, mentoring, and training are the tools that I use to help clients discover and implement their highest possible outcomes.

I apply over 30 years team building and leadership experience to leadership development and teamwork programs that work.  Applying true leadership, effective communication, and tools that keep you and your team on track makes it possible to build high-performance teams and to inspire others to realize their potential.  Seeing this outcome is thrilling.

I served in Special Operations and Psychological Ops units, led sales and training at the director level, founded start-ups, and developed leaders through consulting and coaching work with family owned, small to medium sized and Fortune 500 companies as well as local and Federal Government leaders.  It would be an honor to see you to the next level!

Kevin Stoffel


My passion for unlocking human potential took root in college while studying and teaching Tae Kwon Do. It provided a first hand tangible experience of unlocking more potential in others and myself than I thought possible. That passion was re-discovered and re-ignited 17 years ago when participating in a leadership development workshop at the last technology company I worked for. Since then I have embarked on the intentional journey of unlocking my own untapped leadership potential and searching for and working with tools and programs to help others embark on their own journey to unlock and realize their full potential.

Leveraging 30 years of professional experience in sales, marketing, business development, training, executive coaching and my entrepreneurial spirit, I love working with everyone from individuals to corporate teams. It is my belief that the hardest person in the world to lead is ones self because we have a hard time getting out of our own way. Therefore, that is where I focus my energy…developing leaders from the inside out to unlock their untapped potential.

Lisa Klarner


Inspiring people to make positive, lasting changes in their lives is a long-held passion of mine. Each person is here to serve a purpose and contribute in a unique way. As people begin to understand their strengths and their true self, the path to happiness and success becomes much clearer.

In a business environment, people who are appreciated and understood will be happier and more productive. Teaching employees and leaders how to better relate to each other results in a high performing team with low turnover. The insights I share in my workshops and one-on-one coaching teach people more about themselves and the people they interact with. Additionally, I bring a user-centric mindset into changes which results in transitions people accept rather than resist. The teachings are based on my own 20+ year career at Kimberly-Clark Corporation as a project manager and certified change manager, as a certified life and career coach, and my own journey through anxiety and self-discovery.

As an experienced career professional and coach, I aspire to drive my clients toward success while building trusted relationships and guiding people through change. With an eye for the greater vision and a drive to get results, I use a variety of methods to co-collaborate with my clients to build a solid, strategy to achieve their goals.