Great leadership starts when each of us leads ourselves well and results in people experiencing the thrill of living up to their full potential and being valuable contributors to high performance teams. Each of us has vast mental and emotional resources yet many of us never experience the joy and freedom that comes from consciously directing those resources to creating the best possible life that we can live. Henry David Thoreau wrote that most people “lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.” We want to hear the songs that everyone we work with has in them!

Strong People Systems is a leadership development company specializing in developmental programs that focus on the foundational intrinsic elements that enable you to actualize your full leadership potential. Our intrinsic approach develops people from the inside out rather than just providing them with extrinsic skills and knowledge training that is often not effective or sustainable. We work with companies that want to unlock the untapped potential of their people and individuals that want to unlock their own untapped potential. Our approach is to first bring you as leaders into clear alignment with your innate strengths, core values, life purpose, and desired outcomes. Then we help remove the sub-conscious self-limiting fears, beliefs, and doubts that suck the energy out of you as you work hard but don’t see the results you want and prevent you from taking courageous action to confidently maximize your potential.

You become an intrinsically motivated, authentic leader playing from your strengths as a result of working with us. This is your place of greatest potential. It is our belief that everyone should be a leader, whether you have a position of authority or not. Just as a coach wants every player to be a leader on the field, being a highly effective business requires that every team member be a leader in their position. When we lead ourselves well and lead by example, our performance significantly improves and others will follow our example. Put yourself and your team on a leadership path that empowers you to have more time, significance and energy to enjoy your personal and professional journey!